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Why use the home search agency at Gatehouse Elite to source your property on Mallorca, Ibiza or in The Algarve?

Experience – Experience matters.

We have been helping our clients to find homes in The Balearic states and The Algarve for about 20 years. Our local network is extensive, carefully selected and managed to ensure that our home search clients enjoy a seamless buying experience.

Our local agents have worked with us for many years and we have that all-important local network of experienced professionals to call upon when you need good advice.

Because we have been offering this discreet service for many years, we have built up a trust within our network. This allows us to source those hard-to-find homes that are not openly available.

All in One – Save yourself time searching with many estate agents. A carefully chosen selection of local, luxury property, realtors use our web site to portfolio the very best homes that are currently available.

Personal Service – Our local agents have been hand-picked because they have the same values of service as Gatehouse Elite. Expect us to go further for you.

In the first instance, you will deal with one of the team at Gatehouse-Elite. We will then personally hand-pick a selection of potentially suitable homes. We will arrange your viewing trip so that it flows in a logical manner and makes the most productive use of your time.

In most cases, an experienced member of Gatehouse Elite will meet you in Ibiza, Mallorca or in the Algarve. We will then oversee your trip and will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

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